Contact Ted Williams

Text Message

Personal: 707 937 3500

County: 707 972 3993

Text messaging is ideal. If I’m out of range, I’ll receive your message when I re-enter connectivity. If this is your first text to me, please include your name (or better, share your vCard/VCF) so I can add your contact details to my phone.

Facebook Messenger

Private Message

I’m just as reachable via Facebook Messenger as with cell texting.

Facebook 5th District

Mendocino 5th District Group

The “Mendocino County 5th District” Facebook group is a private group with over 2,100 members. I am only a guest and have no control of the forum. It seems to be a popular place to discuss topics openly as a community. I do my best to monitor. I’m happy to follow other public or private groups when tagged. See my thoughts on private group moderation.

Calendar Invite


Calendar invites (from phone, Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, OSX, etcetera) will be automatically added to my calendar of events. This helps me RSVP, track schedule conflicts, time changes, location and details. See compatible apps or RFC 5545.


Personal: TED@TED.NET


I receive a massive flow of email and sometimes the junk filtering isn’t perfect. Email is good for attachments, but if I don’t acknowledge, please don’t hesitate to nudge. For large documents, I recommend sharing via Dropbox/Box/GoogleDrive.


Personal: 707 937 3500

County: 707 972 3993

You’re welcome to call at any hour, but for non-urgent matters, the best hours are 10-9pm.

In Person

Group gatherings, whether formal events or coffee meets, are an effective means to share ideas. I can use your help coordinating venues, either focused on towns or topics.


Personal: PO Box 18, Mendocino, CA 95460

County: 501 Low Gap Road Room 1010, Ukiah, CA 95482

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