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MCT: Wednesday, January 9, 2019

SPEAKING OF WHOLESOME, I got a kick out of Ted Williams jacket and bow tie. He looked like one of those fresh-faced back-up singers in an old Elvis movie.

SARTORIALLY, our new 5th District Supervisor, stole the show. His on-point questions of the County’s pot bureaucrats were also of the type demanding answers, and overall it’s already clear we have the first fully functioning Supervisor in the 5th District we’ve had in many years, having suffered the one-two punch of Colfax and Hamburg.

INCIDENTALLY, Williams concluded his opening remarks with a brisk, “Let’s get to work!” upon which the Supes took a “short break” that lasted an hour.

OPEN SESSION RESUMED with recognition of some Eagle Scouts, a lengthy discussion of board chair selection sequence, and procedures for Supes to disappear, er, do a Hamburg, er notify their colleagues and the CEO if they are going to be away for any length of time. Hamburg simply disappeared; finally, through his live-in shrink, claiming mental collapse.

CONSIDERING it’s their first meeting, and all-in-all, I thought Willams and Haschak did well, their questions pertinent and themselves attentive and engaged.

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