Take back our community. I bring energy, drive, proven leadership, business experience and extensive civic participation. A decade of volunteer firefighting and team building as Fire Chief since 2011 has instilled the importance of bolstering our emergency services. As co-author of “dead trees” Measure V, and collaborator on “fire funding” Measure M, I understand community engagement. As an accomplished career software developer, I recognize broadband expansion as a necessary ingredient for future prosperity. I will lead to upgrade our infrastructure and enable the next generation to thrive in Mendocino County. Together we will address county-wide high speed Internet, hospital sustainability, mental health and social services, affordable housing, water planning, cannabis policy and our potholed roads. Through development of public trails, we will make Mendocino County flourish economically, infusing local business. Born and raised in Mendocino County, I will ensure we maintain a reasonable Class K owner-builder construction model. I will fight to place people above corporations, ensuring a future of living wage jobs, balanced and fair decisions with maximum transparency. We will protect our environment, rural way of life, while mitigating unnecessary regulation. At regular town meetings, text message, in your phone contacts and on the radio, I’ll be reachable as your supervisor.

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