Let’s work together to make Mendocino County the greatest place to live, work, play and raise families. From the grandeur of the coast, to the magnificent forests, I will stand with you to preserve and protect what is best about our County. You can count on me to work tirelessly to:

• increase support for fire departments and first responders

• expand high speed Internet

• ensure medical and hospital availability

• develop public trails, both for residents and eco-tourism

• address the housing shortage through plan updates

• protect Class K owner-builder construction

• streamline cannabis policy with common sense: eliminate sunset provision, fast track permits

• protect our environment and rural way of life

• support mental health and social services

• maximize roadwork efficiency

• plan for climate change, from water policy to fire prevention

• ensure fairness in policies with maximum transparency and public participation

• protect the coast against offshore oil

• pursue partners for clean economic development, providing living wages

• fight for social justice

• promote local ecological food security

• find real solutions to homelessness

• build a long term vision, including rail

As your supervisor, you can count on me to be available through town meetings, text message, phone and radio. Thank you for your vote.

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